Poles apart

christmas wreath by heliospheric
christmas wreath, a photo by heliospheric on Flickr.

Each year, I issue myself a DIY Christmas Wreath Challenge. The rules are simple:
1. It must be Christmas-y
2. I can only use what I already have in the house and garden to construct it.

This year, I desperately wanted to go home for Christmas, but that didn’t happen – so I decided to bring a little bit of the southern hemisphere to me through my wreath.

One half of the wreath is decidedly southern hemisphere (why yes, I do have cocktail umbrellas on hand at all times – don’t you?) The other half has a northern hemisphere red and white motif.


One thought on “Poles apart

  1. That is a beautiful wreath.

    (And I have been known to have cocktail umbrellas kicking around in the back of the kitchen drawer, nothing wrong with that.)

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