Blossoming blossoms

Almond blossoms

Awwww, pretty blossoms - as seen in Gimmeldingen during their annual Mandelbl├╝tenfest (almond blossom festival).


St Patrick (II)

It would appear that the enthusiasm for St Patrick is so great in this part of the world, celebrations can continue for weeks. On Sunday we ran in the “May the road rise to meet ye” 4 miler led off the St Patrick’s Day Parade, in Patchogue.

St Patrick bling

St Patrick

St Patrick’s Day is embraced with gusto in the US. Like all of their favourite holidays, Americans celebrate with themed parades, house decorations and food.

St Paddy's momento for sale at a local supermarket. I believe that in Australia this stuff is commonly known as weeds, and concerted effort was put into it's removal from front lawns (when people had front lawns).

(apologies for dodgy photo, taken by stealth with my shoe phone)