lamp light

in a house with no light fittings in the ceiling, you need lamps

Some beautiful Japanese obi fabric I found in my stash helped transform a very average looking lamp into something more pleasing.


4 thoughts on “lamp light

  1. I love your lamp.

    That fabric is stunning. I can never find fabric like that (and believe me, I look). How did you fasten the fabric to the lamp shade frame? Questions, questions.

  2. The fabric is from a Japanese warehouse near our place in Richmond. They have amazing fabrics, and lots of kimonos and furniture too.

    The lampshade already had plastic between the wire parts, which which the original fabric was glued. I just used a bit of general purpose/woodworking glue (the stuff that is white but then dries clear).

  3. We have overhead lights in some rooms – kitchen, bathroom, entrance and hall, but none in the lounge room or bedrooms. I am not sure why … a trend from sometime in the past? It’s actually really nice – you can be more creative with lamp light than harsh overhead lights. And also great in a rental house as you can take your own lights with you and don’t have to tolerate hideous light fittings.

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